March 2021.

Well, we’ve both had our 1st Vaccine shots, and are eagerly awaiting the 2nd one!

It looks like there is now light at the end of the tunnel for us all, and we should soon be able to get outside and attend events once again.

The sensible ones among you will also either have had the jab, or be keen to get yours asap.

We will be out and selling again just as soon as we are allowed and look forward to meeting up with everyone again, as well as making new friends.

2nd Skin Clothing is always looking for new venues that would like to have a stall such as ours at their events, so feel free to contact us. No doubt there will be plenty of events that clash with others – with such a short window of time, this year, it is bound to happen, we all just have to pick and choose what suits us the best.

No Skins On The Lash in Benidorm, this year, but I am sure it will be back once again next year.


Good Riddance to 2020!!

What a complete waste of a year that was, hopefully, 2021 will be better for us all.

We did manage to finish 2020 with the release of our own Ladies cardigan in mustard colour, which you thankfully have lapped up! So much so that we have 2 more colours coming as and when the factory can safely work.

Linda and I are trialling Jeggae Shirts, via our Facebook page and also on Skinbay. These are very low-production run and hand-made in Malaysia. Very nice quality. Not cheap, but quality and looking different never is!

Obviously, there are so many difficulties for us all to overcome right now, all we can do is abide by the Govt. guidelines and hope for the best.


November 25th, 2020.

At last! The 2 new Ladies items have arrived, in the shape of yet another new skirt and pinafore, both in a checked design which look great when worn with a plain Oxford shirt.

We also have a brand new Ladies cardigan, same as the one that Linda wears that you all keep asking about, so much so that we went ahead and had some made!

To finish it off, sometime in the next couple of days, we will receive re-stocks of tights with the addition of White Fishnets, Ochre Fishnets, plain white tights and fishnet stockings.

Prices and photos will all be posted over the next few days, if we can get a nice bright day instead of the gloom that we currently have.

In the meantime, keep your eye on both Skin-bay and our Facebook page, or message Linda direct.

We’ll also be listing on Skin-bay some great Trojan shirts, all new with tags, at bargain prices, just to keep the guys happy.


We are still waiting on 2 new products for the Ladies, one has been delayed because we keep getting ‘bumped’ in the queue due to larger wholesale orders from the High Street chains taking preference over us smaller Companies, the other looks likely now to be flown in as Covid restrictions in workspaces has disrupted production and thereby has delayed shipping. We are hopeful that both will be here around the end of October.

There are still a large amount of you out there at home during the Covid situation, why not take advantage of that extra time and come down to visit us? We work from home so are around most days including evenings and week-ends at present. What better way to try a suit on, a pair of Ikon Loafers, a Pinafore or even a waffle cardy?

Where are we?

On Canvey Island in Essex: just 20 minutes from the Dartford Crossing/M25 exit for the A13; Just 20 minutes from Chelmsford, 30 minutes from Southend, an hour from Ipswich or from Tower Bridge. By train? From Fenchurch St. London, getting off at Benfleet will take less than 50 minutes. We are just 2 minutes from Benfleet Station and can always pick you up and drop you back again.


What a dire year, 2020, has been for us all so far – and we are speaking globally!

Events cancelled left, right and centre (understandably) and not much to look forward to right now as it’s becoming more and more difficult to get to see and hear any live bands play.


We are heading into Autumn, and at least we now have re-stocks on the superior quality Relco Crombies. I wear one, but don’t recall my original one from 1969 ever being this warm or being able to withstand the wind as well as these Relco ones do.

Sizes from XS right up to 3XL, contact us for price and measurements. We ship Worldwide, so have you all covered!

August 2020.

Production on our new Ladies item has now re-started after the Lockdown, so hopefully more news on that soon!

2 new Relco shirts arriving 05/08/2020


June 2020.

Obviously very, very little has happened across the world during the Lockdown production-wise, but hopefully, now as things begin to ease gradually and people begin to return to work we will see things start to appear, albeit very slowly! We’ve got several new things for the Ladies that we’re waiting on and we’ll post more about those as and when we receive them, once again, most if not all will be unique to us. 

Fingers crossed, maybe – just maybe, events might be allowed to take place around the end of the year. We will do our best to attend these, and if permitted, we’ll be showing you the biggest range that anyone has! If we can’t show the clothes we’ll be partying anyway.

March 28th 2020.

Although many of the events that we would be selling at have understandably been cancelled, we are still able to continue with mail order, unless things change. So feel free to carry on sending in questions, orders, etc.

March 27th 2020.

Martin Jones, We got your message but our replies keep bouncing back, call us on either 01268 680117 or 07843 536700. Cheers mate.


March 06th 2020

So what do we stock?

Men’s and Ladies Tonic suits, Ladies Tonic Skirts and Tonic Pinafores, Men’s Tonic Trousers.        Men’s Dog Tooth and Prince of Wales Suits and Trousers.                                                                Men’s Sta-Prest Trousers.                                                                                                                  Crombies.                                                                                                                                            Harringtons in 30 colours – yes, 30!! No-one else offers you this many options!                              Braces in 15 colours – that’s right, 15 colours!                                                                                  Waffle Cardigans in 8 colours, again, no-one else does this many options.                                      Men’s short sleeve button-down shirts, in both checked and plain Oxford styles.                          Hoodies, plain cardigans and Tank Tops.                                                                                      Polo shirts.                                                                                                                                      We are also the biggest suppliers of Ladies clothes:                                                              Checked and Tartan Pinafores & Skirts,  Button Down Shirt-dresses, Patterned Tights,                  Ladies short sleeve button-down shirts, in both checked and plain Oxford styles.                          as well as:                                                                                                                                            Ikon Loafers in Men’s and Ladies.                                                                                                      Coloured Socks.                                                                                                                                  Red or Yellow Laces for DMs

Did I miss anything?


February 10th

5 news shirts sets to arrive from Relco. All £30.00 including UK postage.

In Ladies and Mens sizes, too!

February 05th, 2020

Here we go then, for starters, 3 all-new colours of Harry’s from Relco:
Mustard, Wine (different to the Burgundy) and Dark Green (darker than the Bottle Green), bringing to a total of 31 different colours that we stock!! All 3 of these new ones are £30.00 each including UK postage. All in sizes XS up to 3XL
Check out the Mustard and the Wine jackets this Saturday at the Venue, the following Friday on the Thames Valentine’s Boat, then Saturday at Moonstomp in Braintree, followed by Sunday at Sunday Service, finally in Benidorm at the end of the month.
We’ve also added the Studio One hoodie, and will be looking at doing other designs as well throughout the year, all in limited numbers.

There’s a strong possability of a new cardigan range coming, we’re just waiting on confirmation for that, and yet more patterns in ladies skirts and possibly pinafores too. If we can get a few pinafores run with sleeves at the same time, we will do.


How do you order?

Simple, look through the items, e-mail us or message us via Facebook (most of you already know Linda through Skinbay or the other clothing pages on there) and we will get back to you with availability.

If you order more than one thing, we will do our best to combine the postage cost to save you money. If the weight/size ratio limit is under that set by the Post Office, we will only charge you as if for one item.

Why have we changed to this way instead of the cart/checkout method? Simple, We work from home, we do not have space to separate goods for web-sales from goods that we take to events or that callers buy.

This way is simple, we can check what sizes and patterns, etc are in stock, pack it in a bag with your name on until payment is received, and then ship once payment has been made.

How can you pay? again, very easy. By Bank Transfer to the a/c that we give you at the time of enquiry, Paypal via Friends & Families (so neither side gets charged any fees), Cheque, or Cash  if you are collecting in person from us or at an event. We don’t accept card payments in order to keep our costs way down and keep bringing you the best prices!

We welcome callers, it’s always better if you can try something on at the time to avoid sizing errors. A basic changing area is available at most outside events, set up usually at the side of our van.

Further news.


November 2019

Ladies Harrington

Gorgeous Lilca colour, only available from us.

sizes 10, 12 & 14 only. £25.00 each.

October 2019

This is good news for all you big fellas out there, if you’ve been after a Tonic suit and have not been able to get one to fit until now, we may just be able to help. We can now offer jackets that will go up to a size 52 and possible stretch to a 54, depending on your shape, trouser size up to 42 waist. We’ve got either Green & Gold or Blue & Black. Talk to us!

As the year draws towards an end, we have still been busy looking for new or replacement products.

Relco have once again stepped into the breach and helped us all by producing not only Red or Yellow socks to replace those once made by Warrior, but have now added Red or Yellow laces for your 8 0r 10 hole DMs. So these are back in stock once again!

We have sourced a few white Harringtons!! You’ve pestered us for the last 3 years for them, we found them at last and have some in small, medium and XL. We are trying to source the missing sizes. At just £30.00 plus postage, these are a steal. Mind you, not for the messy ones among you!! See them in Skamouth (one way or another – if we can’t get a stand, we’ll be around the bar so simply ask!)

We’ve also been beavering away on a couple of other things which might also be ready in time for Skamouth – watch this space.

August 08th. 2019

Ladies, here it is then! We showed the samples at Skamouth last April and at various events that we were at, and they received great feedback from you all. Ladies Tonic Suits using our shorter jacket design, covered buttons and hanky pocket.
Available in Green/Gold, Blue/Black or Burgundy/Black in sizes 8-22. We can mix and match skirt sizes on request and subject to availability. £120.00 including Tracked Delivery within the UK. Contact us for price for all other destinations. Wow! (See these at Yarmouth Scooter Rally August 09th. and 10th.)

July 2019

We’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lateley but are still working away to bring you interesting products, one of which is imminent! We hope to bring the Ladies good news about that over the next week or so.

May 06. 2019.

Due to Warrior clothing retiring, we are now down to our last few sets of laces and socks from them, until we find another similar supplier for these items.

*We are now sold out of size 12 and size 16 in the new Green/Black skirts! These have been selling like hot-cakes, so if you are a 14, 18 or 20 don’t delay in getting one! True limited edition.

May 01st. 2019.

Just in – our latest skirt – Green & black, superb. See it first at the Cow & Telescope this Saturday, 04th. along with our latest Men’s suit in the same colour!


March 2019.

We can now confirmm that we will be having a stall at Skamouth in April!!

Raid the kid’s piggy-banks, your life-savings and empty your accounts ‘cos we will have loads to tempt you with, including some more Ladies wear, with still more to come that won’t be quite ready by then!

Waffle Cardigans, all with pockets. 8 coloura available: Black, Navy, Baby Blue, Burgundy, Green, Cappuchino, Mustard and Stone.

All £25.00 each collected/£28.00 incl UK Delivery.

Just to whet your appetite…..the new Relco shirts, £25.00 each/£28.00 with UK postage.

February 2019

We are hoping that by the end of the month we will have our latest limited edition Tonic Suit and also a Ladies skirt, these will be in Green & Black.

Again, these are in very limited quantities, once sold, that’s it!

Earlier news:

After 2 fruitless attempts to have our own mustard/gold Harrys made, we have given up on that. We wasted 6 months with 2 companies who said they could easily do this for us and very quickly, all which ended in nothing! Frustrating to say the least.

We have had success getting our own Tonic suits, etc made but even this has long over-run the agreed time. We have collected the first batch but as you read this, we will have probably (and hopefully) be in possession of these garments. It’s all a learning curve!

I’m still looking for a sample of the original Green/Blue Tonic that we wore back in ’68/69, so if you have something stashed away in the loft, the back of your wardrobe, in the dog’s bed or wherever, I would love to hear from you. It can be a scrap of material or a whole garment, if it’s what I am looking for, we can get it re-produced, so we all benefit. Having searched high and low on the net, I realised  that back then, very few of us had cameras, so original colour photos are going to be scarce. Black & white pictures are plentiful but don’t help one bit.

Tropical Woman (Linda) and I have put ourselves about a bit this last 12 months or so, the result being that we are being invited to bring our range of clothing to more and more events further and further afield. Thank you to many of you who have been instrumental in this – both as customers and/or as organizers. Next year, 2019, we plan to travel even further with the intention of visiting the lovely, lovely people from both Ireland and Scotland.

We are still continuing to source more products and are in working with one Company to bring some great items to you in the future. They are a go-ahead Company, who listen and consider what we suggest. Maybe they will put their own slant on the items, maybe they will discard them as a non-runner, but at least they are willing to listen and entertain our ideas, Crazy as some of them maybe (one of which you may see soon!!).

So it’s been a crazy year so far, we’ve produced our own Purple Harry, our own Tonic Mens and Ladies suits, Skirts & Pinafores, gotten permission from Sherry’s to carry their products and also had them change the design of their Ladies jackets and skirts to our specs just for us, produced our own Orange, Turquoise and Purple braces (with at least one more colour to come). What comes next, we hope you enjoy!

Please continue to send photos of yourselves wearing any item you bought from us, as we want to post them all, and it’s a great way of putting names to faces, then faces to names when we meet at any of the various events that we attend. Memory permitting. Although at times, I think name tags would be so much easier.