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Our very own Limited Edition 2nd Skin 2-Tone Tonic Suit.

We are now sold out one of our own original 1970’s colour Men’s tonic suits! 

We still have trousers in this unique colour available in sizes  34, 36, 40, 42 and 44 waist, £85.00

A beautiful Blue/Red mix as close as we could make it to the original colour from 1970!

You want style, class and originality? this is it.

Tonic material is so difficult to get a good picture of and neither of these do the suit justice – this baby is gorgeous, and the suit’s not bad either! Is Janet Frazer still hiring or have I missed my calling? Very limited quantity available.

2nd. Skin Clothing own brand

Blue/Red Tonic Trousers. Original 1970 Colour.

Made especially for us. sizes 34, 40, 42 & 44 available



2nd. Skin Clothing own brand

Green/Black – VERY limited quantity, like mostly one of each size!

Stand out from the crowd! £85.00

Made especially for us. sizes 32, 34, 36, 40 available


Burgundy Tonic Trousers (Red/Blue)

Standard colour used by Sherry’s, Adams and Jump The Gun.

1 pair only, size 34. £85.00


All one price, £30.00 including UK postage

Note: I recommend that you always try the next size up in all these trousers as they are all Mod-cut for beanstalks! so, if you are a 32, try a 34 waist.

Don’t want to strangle Johnny and the Twins, do we?


All Relco trousers come in these sizes: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42

Tonic Green/Gold

Tonic Blue/Black

Tonic Burgundy/Black


Prince of Wales (Salmon overcheck)

Sta – prests

Some of you will find this useful: we have done a size comparison between 3 different makes of Sta-Prest trousers and you may be surprised by what we found judging by various comments we have received in the past.
We compared Sherry’s, Relco and Warrior.
3 x size 34’s – Sherry’s and warrior measured 34, Relco 36 (comfort/Vanity fit!)
Sherry’s leg length 32, Relco and Warrior both 31.
Sherry’s thigh width 12, Relco and Warrior both 11.5.
Sherry’s and Warrior knee width 9, Relco 8.5.
Sherry’s and Warrior ankle width 8, Relco 7.5.

I tried the Sherry’s gorgeous green ones on, and found I could not lift my leg to dance (a big no-no!) yet I wear the Relco Khaki ones and don’t have a problem. I also tried the larger size and in my case (being skinny and boney) these were baggy around the rear – also a no-no!

I’ve washed the Relco ones many times and have had no shrinkage problems.

Tropical woman and I were discussing when we were all around 16-17 – weren’t we all around the same size? I don’t recall racks of different sizes in the shops, 2 or 3 maybe. what happened? to many beers, curries and pasties no doubt.


(the closest colour yet to the ORIGINAL Levi sta-Prests)