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We quite often get asked if our “Harringtons” are originals – the truth is that there is no such thing as an original!! Baracuta started making a jacket called the G9 as long ago as 1950!

Elvis wore one, as did Frank Sinatra and James Dean.

But the jacket earned it’s nickname from the 1964 TV series Payton Place when the Ryan O’Neill character, Rodney Harrington, was seen every week wearing his Baracuta G9, and hence the name was born! So, it did not originate as a Harrington, that name belongs to fictitious character in a soap opera. It originated as the G9.

From WikipediaRodney Harrington (Ryan O’Neal, 1964–1969, episodes 1–501)The oldest son of Leslie and Catherine Harrington….. An interesting fashion note is that the Baracuta G9 jacket that Rodney Harrington often wore, became known as the Harrington jacket and is still sold under that name by Baracuta.”

The earliest high street brand that I can recall was my own Sky Jump Harrington bought in 1968  from Byrites (pre Mr. Byrite) in Basildon Town Centre. If you have one labelled Sky Jump, it’s possibly as ‘original’ as it can get – outside of the G9.  Current price of a new G9 is around £200-£300, so no-one in their right mind can possibly think that a brand new £20.00 jacket is an ‘original’, right??

We sell quality Jackets at an affordable price. We don’t sell the cheap garbage shown on E-Bay from around £9.00, buy one of those and weep!

To get as many colour options as we have (currently 31 at last count!), we buy from 3 or 4 different suppliers as not all offer the same amount of options. Simple.

Here we go then, for starters, 3 all-new colours of Harry’s from Relco:
Mustard, Wine (different to the Burgundy) and Dark Green (darker than the Bottle Green), bringing to a total of 31 different colours that we stock!! All 3 of these new ones are £30.00 each including uk postage. All in sizes XS up to 3XL.
Colours: White, Beige, Camel, Brown, Pale Lemon, Canary Yellow, Mustard-Gold, Brown, Grey, Purple, Lilac, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Black, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Bottle Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, Tonic Green/Gold, Dogtooth, Prince of Wales Grey check, POW with Salmon check, POW Charcoal Grey Check and for the Punks and Rockabillies: Tartan, Sky Blue with Navy sleeves, Red and Black, Tan and Black. More will be added if we find them as we are still looking for a mid/cobalt Blue and a few others!

99.9% of the ones we sell are Made in England Harringtons.

White Harrington!!! £30.00 collected / £35.00 including UK postage.

Sizes: Small, Medium, X large only.

Our very own Purple one, limited production run, and we are sold out of the small size!

*** we are now down to our last Medium one – there won’t be more

we still have Large to 5XL in stock – don’t miss out on this limited edition colour!

£30.00 collected/£35.00 including UK Postage.

Pale Lemon Yellow, £30.00 collected /£35.00 incl UK postage

in Medium, large and XL.

(we hope to add more sizes to this one)

Most of the rest listed below come in sizes from X-small to 5XL.

Just in – Chocolate Brown Harringtons – sizes XS, S, XL, 2XL, 3XL,4XL,5XL, no Medium or large at present. £20.00 collected /£24.00 posted UK

Made in England Harringtons

Black, £20.00 collected /£25.00 posted UK (X-Small to 5XL)

Navy Blue £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

 Royal Blue £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Sky Blue £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Burgundy £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Red £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Bottle Green £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Olive Green £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

 Grey £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Camel (Caramel) £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)

Beige £20.00/£25.00 (X-Small to 5XL)


Dog Tooth £25.00/£30.00

Prince of Wales £25.00/£30.00

Prince of Wales, Red check £25.00/£30.00 coming soon up to 5XL

Charcoal Prince of Wales £25.00/£30.00 coming soon up to 5XL