Happy Customers

Always pleased to receive your pics and that you chose 2nd Skin Clothing to spend your hard-earned money with!

Latest Happy Customer is our very good buddy, Kieran O’Leary, from Cork.

Looking very sharp, Kieran!

From Europe, Italy to be precise

Ivan Bartezzaghi  wearing a Relco shirt bought from us.

Kevin O’Brien looking great in our Relco Burgundy Tonic strides.

Sarah Manley in one of our Relco Ladies shirts.

Yet another Happy Customer – Richard Booth, and he only lives just around the corner!!


Elizabeth from California, visiting New Orleans, wearing one of our very own Blue/Red Tonic Pinafores and also in one of our Purple Tonic skirts. Party on, Girls.

2nd Skin Clothing get just about everywhere!!

Domenico Consenti, from Italy, who visited us in Garon Park last August and who now buys on-line from us!

The lovely Jackie Naylor looking great in a suit from us.

Laila Bell Hopkins wearing one of our white Harry’s.

Ian Odger wearing one of our hoodies.

Skalites sound man Baz and Crazy Lady Lana attending the wedding of Steve & Sally Mersh,

Both suitably decked out by 2nd Skin Clothing.

and yet more reprobates, at the Mersh’s wedding – just how many suits and shirts did we supply?

Purely by coincidence, we bumped into Mark Lee and Tara Maddern whilst we were in Cornwall.

Having supplied them with their suits, didn’t realise that their hush-hush wedding was on the day that we were all going to see the Mighty Offbeats, a pleasure to share their special day with them. Good luck to you both!

Steve Fisher looking the absolute biz in one of our 1970 original colour Tonic suits. Smart man!

SKALITES sound man Barry and zany lady Lana, dropped in to select some shirts for the band, and ended up spending a fortune on themselves – well, at least one of them did, no guesses as to who!

Mark Reeves, dapper man in yet another shirt from us.

George King, happy man, made up in one of our shirts.

everyone’s mate, Gwenda, looking lovely and we hear she has a great singing voice too!


Aly Goggins

Rhonda Roo, Steve and Dean looking Resplendent in their suits from us. Keep the photos coming in, folks!